Seydel Tool Set
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Product Description: 

The Seydel Toolset is one of the best tool kits available, and is indispensible for adjusting the reed gaps, fine tuning, replacing reeds and maintaining your harmonicas.

The tool kit contains:
(1)   Pincers
(2)   Drill bit HSS 2,0 mm
(3)   Screw slotted 1.4mm x 3.9mm
(4)   Starnut 2.2 M1.4 (German Silver)
(5)   De-riveting tool
(6)   Starnut wrench
(7)   Tapper M 1.4
(8a) Cross screwdriver
(8b) Flat Screwdriver
(9)   Feeler gauges (8 guages. - 0.05 -0.5 mm)
(10) Universal holder
(11) Reamers 1,3mm and 1,4mm
(12) Tuning file
(13) All the tools are neatly stored in the compact, zip up, soft case, which has a belt clasp.

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