Spare Parts for Super Chromonica 270/48 (Cover Plates)
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Product Description: 

Keep your Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 in good working condition with these spare parts.  Some of the parts are suitable for other harmonicas. Select the items from the drop down list to view the price.

Comb: Pearwood comb for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 will also fit these harmonicas Hard Bopper, Larry Adler 12/48 and Mellow Tone.
Cover Plates:  A pair of stainless steel cover plates for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48.

Mouthpiece: Suitable for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 and Larry Adler 12/48 harmonicas.

Slide with button: Suitable for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48, Larry Adler 12/48, Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe and Discovery 48 harmonicas.
Flange: Suitable for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48, Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe, Hard Bopper, Larry Adler 12/48, Silver Concerto and Mellow Tone harmonicas.

Slide Spring: Suitable for Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48, Chromonica 260/40, Slide Harp, Chromatic Koch 980/40, Hard Bopper, Silver Concerto, Mellow Tone and Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe harmonicas.

Buffers: 4 buffers per pack.  Suitable for these Hohner harmonicas: Silver Concerto, Slide Harp, Chromatic Koch 980_40, Hard Bopper, Mellow Tone, Larry Adler 12_48, Chromonica III 280_64, Chromonica 270_48 Deluxe, Chromonica II 270_48, Chromonica I 260_40, Discovery 48, Meisterklasse Chromatic, Super 64, Super 64X.

Buffers fit behind the mouth piece screws to protect the slide.


Replacement reedplates are also available - you can find them under accessories reed plates.

Repairing harmonicas is a delicate procedure so please take care when working on your harmonicas.

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