Suzuki Reed Replacement Tool Set
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Product Description: 

Suzuki HRT-10 Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool Kit is the perfect companion for the serious harmonica player or repairer. These hard to find specialist tools are combined together in a handy Suzuki case and will enable you to make own repairs.

 The tool kit consists of:

  •     2x Screwdrivers (Of the correct size for your harmonica)
  •     2x Reed Spatulas
  •     1x Reed Wrench
  •     1x File (with blade tip)
  •     1x File (with pointed tip)
  •     2x Punching tools and bases (for narrow & wide reeds)
  •     1x Hex Wrench
  •     1x Drill Head (Burr removing)
  •     1x Suzuki Tool Holder Bag

How to use the Suzuki Harmonica Reed Peplacement Tool Set HRT-10.

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