Chromatic Harmonica Method (Book Only)
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Mel Bay's Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method by Phil Duncan is a good modern instruction book, with the option of a CD and DVD version.  This will guide even the complete beginner to a good standard of competence. Use of the harmonica slide is encouraged from a very early stage, and playing in keys other than C Major is introduced in logical order. The music selections increase in complexity as you progress. They are predominantly classical and "standard" themes, ranging from Hot Cross Buns to Schubert's Unfinished Symphony... Even if these foot-tapping tunes are not your musical cup of tea, persevere! They are all carefully chosen to highlight a particular technique or style. Nothing that you ever learn about your chosen instrument is wasted -- playing Tchaikowsky will help with your jazz and blues techniques -- honest!Select Book or Book CD & DVD from the drop down list.

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