Complete 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica series (G)
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Product Description: 

'A Harmonica Book', don't be put off by this seemingly simple title!  It refers to the key of the harmonica, and in fact, there is one for all the twelve key range - from A flat to G.

Each book is written for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, in an easy to use format for both music readers and non readers. It's a quick reference guide, and each book is packed with information about chords, arpeggios, modes, positions, scales, bends, overbends and basic music theory unique to that 10-hole diatonic harmonica key.

A must for all players who want to understand and get the most from their harmonicas.

A great value book currently available in keys Ab, B, Bb, D, Db, F, F#, and G.

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