Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp
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Product Description: 

This book is the one used by David Barrett himself for his own teaching and masterclasses. Bending, hot licks, blue notes, quarter-note bends, control, blues scales, octave playing and many more essentials are covered in this great book!
A comprehensive lesson and study book dsigned for the intermediate and advanced diatonic harmonica player.  Mel Bay's Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp presents techniques, progressive examples and accompanying twelve bar blues exercise and examples. Special attention is given to the accurate reading of blues rhythms and each notated tune is carefully marked with tablature indicating precisely where to find individual notes. Each chapter ends with a review of what was taught in that section. The CD recording helps with the accuracy of interpretation and ease of learning. Most of the exercises and examples are included on the CD with split-tracked back-up music. Each song is played once with harmonica and then without so you can play the harmonica part.

If you study this book in conjunction with Building Harmonica Technique you will be well on the road to blues harp mastery... Don't rush it though -- these two books have months, if not years, of work in them.

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