Harmonica Gig Saver Series (Essential Theory)
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Product Description: 

The Gig Savers series of six booklets by David Barratt, has been designed to give studying harmonica players answers to common questions in a brief, affordable, yet informative fashion.

Essential Theory covers the main body of music knowledge needed by all harmonica players.

Essential Scales is the second book in the series, and teaches the understanding of scales that a player will encounter.

Essential Charts breaks down the notes in a particular key of harmonica, essential for knowing the playing position of the harmonica.

Harmonica Amplifiers, hopefully, this book will make choosing an amplifier easier.  Mainly for the blues player, but much of the information is applicable to the non-blues player too.

Harmonica Microphones, as in the previous book on amplifiers, choosing the right microphone can be a real problem, just getting the one that is just right for you. Includes a section on matching the microphone to the amplifier.

First Harmonica Gig, gives vital information when performing for the first time; with sections on preparing a song list, what harp keys to choose, equipment to use and stage etiquette. Be prepared and take the stress out of that first gig!


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