Building Harmonica Technique DVD vol 3 & 4 (vol 3 and 4)
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Currently only DVD vol 3 & 4 in stock.

Building Harmonica Technique DVD vol 1 & 2 by David Barrett, is a comprehensive study of harmonica techniques and blues soloing concepts designed to hone the player's skill and the musical thought to become a great player. Fantastic visuals and camera close-ups ensure that even the smallest details are seen. Topics include how to practice, holding the harmonica, memorizing the harp, and several lessons on embouchure, articulation, properties of a bend, draw bend embouchure, articulating the bend, blow bending, over-bends, vibrato types, music theory, 12-bar blues, and soloing scales.  Total running time 2 hours 27 minutes

Building Harmonica Technique DVD Vol 3 & 4 continues with different playing positions, chords, soloing tecniques, phrasing, song construction and much more. Packed full of exercises and examples for the intermediate to advanced harmonica player.  Total running time 2 hours 23 minutes.


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