Seydel Orchestra S Beginners Pack
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Product Description: 

The pack includes a Seydel Orchestra S harmonica in key low C and a tutorial book with audio CD, so you can learn to play melodies on this harmonica.

The Seydel Orchestra S is a high-grade harmonica with durable, responsive stainless steel reeds and red translucent comb. It is tuned so you can easily play all kinds of melodies.

This beginner's tutorial is presented in a fresh style which will help you learn to play melodies on the harmonica. This step by step guide will help you play your first note to complete tunes on the harmonica.
The guide includes topics on how to produce clear single notes and how to breathe correctly.
As well as easy exercises to help get started – no need to read sheet music or to have musical knowledge.  Tips for learning melodies by ear and using harmonica tabs.

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