Dales Song Tremolo harmonica
Dales Song Tremolo Harmonica (C)
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Product Description: 

The new Dales Song is the latest addition to our tremolo range.  This great value, 24 hole, solo tuned, tremolo harmonica has a warm, bright and responsive tone, which is available in all twelve keys, so you can play along with any tune.
Brass reeds and plates on a durable plastic comb, capped with highly polished, stainless steel cover plates.
The Dales Song tremolo is complemented with a tough black, plastic case.

Dimensions: 7.1/8 inches = 18 cm long.

The Dales Song tremolo is also available in cased sets of 7 and 12 harmonicas See the Harmonica Sets page for details.

See the Dales Song tremolo being played by Mike Willoughby.

This video is a demonstration of the harmonica the actual sound will depend upon your playing technique and ability.

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