Hohner Harponette harmonica
Harponette Historic Collection
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£59.99 including VAT
Product Description: 

Now reduced to £59.99 - Save £50 on RRP.  The Hohner Harponette is manufactured in Trossingen Germany and is part of the Hohner Historic Collection.  It was originally introduced in 1909 during the hayday of the harmonica.

This key of C Richter tuned harmonica, slots into a piano shaped casing, to produce a warm mellow tone.  This harmonica has 20 reeds on a 0.9mm brass reedplate, with stainless steel cover plates.  The comb is doussie wood, and the casing lacquared maple wood, which gives the warm tone.  The Harponette is complimented with a stylish case, which is closed with a magnetic catch.

A great gift and a must for any harmonica collector.

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