Hohner Big River Harp Pro Pack
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Product Description: 

The Honher Big River MS Pro Pack contains the three most popular keys of C, G and A.  This pack of three Big River harmonicas represents exceptional value, and comes with 30 days free online lessons from David Barrett's Bluesharmonica.com. This consistently reliable harmonica combines the highest German quality standards at a more affordable price.
A plastic combed, MS version of the Marine Band harp, it is a great everyday companion you can also take to the stage, where it holds its own in blues, rock and country playing.  Available singularly in all 12 keys plus a high G. 
Replacement reed plates are also available.

3-pack of Hohner Big River MS harmonicas in Keys C, G and A
30 Days free online lessons
Black plastic comb with recessed reed plates
Concave covers with side vents
20 MS reeds
0.9 mm brass reed plates
Made in Germany

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