Hohner C Chromatic harmonica
Hohner C Limited Edition Chromatic
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Product Description: 

Hohner C Limited Edition Chromatic Harmonica
2012 celebrates the hundredth anniversary of Hohner producing their 12 hole Super Chromonica. In 1912, Hohner introduced their revolutionary tuning, which made it possible for the first time to easily play a full chromatic scale over a range of several octaves on one harmonica. This opened up a whole new playing dimension for the harmonica, leading to it's acceptance as a 'proper' musical instrument and, making it much more versatile to play.
The rest is history, and the chromatic harmonica has been played over the years by legendary artists, from it's first development to the present day.

To commemorate this hundred year event, Hohner have produced this strictly limited, individually numbered edition of two hundred harmonicas. Numbers available at present are from 1 to 100.
The Hohner C's main features include:
12 holes, 3 octave range in the key of C
Transparent acrylic body
Gold-plated covers and screws
Gold-plated slide assembly and mouthpiece
Gold-plated reed plates
Luxurious real leather case with plush lining, handmade in Germany
Worldwide limited edition of 200 pcs.

The Hohner C produces a strong and mellow tone, perfect for solo or group playing.


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