Hohner Tremolo Echo 64 harmonica
Hohner Echo Double Sided series (ECHO 64, Echo C/G)
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Product Description: 

The Echo Harp series celebrate a long and distinguished production history, made with the traditional bell metal reeds on a wooden comb, producing a bright and warm tone. The double-sided Echo is basically two harmonicas back to back in two different tunings. They come in four sizes and the first example illustrated is the baby of the family, with 64 reeds. The others have 80, 96, or 120 reeds. Most of the harmonicas are available in a variety of keys: C/G, and A/D. In addition, the 80-reed model is available in Eb/Bb. Please note that the Echo 120-reed is no longer available, however, the Bravi Alpini is the same harmonica but having different cover plates comes in C/G tuning only.


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