Hohner Larry Adler chromatic 12 harmonica
Hohner Larry Adler Chromatic (Larry Adler 12)
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Product Description: 

The Larry Adler Professional 12 and Larry Adler Professional 16 are similar to the type of chromatic harmonicas made by the Hohner company for the famous Larry Adler. They are special editions based on the Super Chromonica 270/48 and Chromonica 64, with Larry Adler's name embossed on the cover plates.

Larry Adler 12, has 48 reeds, and brass 1.05mm reed plates on a pearwood comb.  Length 15.5cm.

Larry Adler 16 has 64 reeds, and brass 1.05mm reed plates on a plastic comb.  Length 18.4cm.

Both models come in a plastic case and are available in key C only.

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