Lee Osker Harmonica
Lee Oskar Harmonicas (C, Major Diatonic)
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Product Description: 

Lee Oskar harmonicas are available in four tunings, Major Diatonic, Melody Maker, Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor.

The Major Diatonic is tuned slightly higher in pitch, it gives a bright and full sound. The major diatonic tuning is the "standard" Richter tuning used by all harmonica makers. It is one of the most versatile tunings in use and is suitable for all types and styles of playing. Lee Oskar's Major Diatonic comes in all the standard 12 keys plus low F and high G.

The Natural Minor is a tuning exclusive to the Lee Oskar range. Five notes are altered to enable the playing of minor blues, jazz and reggae in cross harp position. You may well find that the Natural Minor harp is the break you've been waiting for! PLEASE NOTE THIS HARMONICA IS LABELLED IN THE 2nd PLAYING POSITION.

The Melody Maker is another Lee Oskar exclusive and comes in five keys, C, D. A, E and G.  It is a development of country tuning which allows you two complete octaves of the diatonic scale in cross harp position -- this is great for playing standards with a bluesier flavour. An added bonus is that standards in minor keys have a totally different sound from when played on a conventionally tuned harp. Try one and see! PLEASE NOTE THIS HARMONICA IS LABELLED IN THE 2nd PLAYING POSITION.

The Harmonic Minor is a multi-cultural tuning; the harmonic minor scale has a predominantly Eastern European flavour suitable for Yiddish, Gypsy, Greek and Middle Eastern minor key music. The sound produced is pensive and soulful. These harmonicas are labelled in the first playing position

Owning a few keys of altered tunings is like adding new colors of paint to a player’s musical palette.

See our Accessories section for Lee Oskar replacement reeds, toolkit and pouch.

Replacement reedplates available. See the reedplate page for details.

This video is a demonstration of the harmonica the actual sound will depend upon your playing technique and ability.

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