Seydel Big Six set of six
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Product Description: 

The Big Six has been very popular but players kept asking for other keys besides C. Seydel listened, and has now produced as a set of six, with the keys of A, Bb, D, F and, G, including the C.
The Big Six, is a six holed diatonic harmonica, which keeps the lower range of notes as a ten holed harp.
Each key comes in it's own distinctive colour  black comb G, lava comb A, sky comb Bb, olive comb C, D yellow comb D, white comb F. The reeds are of stainless steel on a nickel silver plate, for longer life and a brighter tone. The cover plates are of tough, polished stainless steel, mounted on a solid plastic-polymer comb.
The set comes in a Big Six Belt Bag and also includes; a neck strap which attaches to a pin on the harp; a multimedia tutorial on a chrome plated USB stick, which features Blues titles in six different keys and extra information.

The keys are also available individually.
Choose your own keys in any key colour and key combination. Also, you may want all the keys in the same colour. (Please contact us for details)

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