Seydel Fanfare tremolo harmonica
Seydel Fanfare Tremolo (C)
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Product Description: 

The Fanfare tremolo is optimized for air-tightness and therefore can be played with an easiness and tonal quality that is unusual for a tremolo harmonica.  In contrast to other tremolos, the player can play really soft, as the mouthpiece is just like that on a chromatic harmonica.

Those familiar with Seydel harmonicas will see a SAXONY and Chromatic DeLuxe as the basis of the Fanfare models - the Fanfare and the Fanfare S are professional harmonicas that are especially suited to be loud enough when playing together with other instruments!

As an option a megaphone is available, which clips on to the cover plates. It not only looks nice, but enhances the tone, volume and allows special effects, such as; dampening, hand-vibrato, and wah-wah.

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