Seydel Sampler harmonica
Seydel Sampler (Keys A and D)
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Product Description: 

Two harmonicas in one! The Seydel Sampler is a solo tuned diatonic harmonica with a key changing slider, which allows you to play in keys C and G on one harmonica. It is tuned in equal temperament, so is ideal for playing melodies using all notes of the major scale over a full three-octave range.  The slider is similar to a chromatic harmonica but is lockable, changes the key that you play.  If the slider is depressed you are playing in G major, if the slider is released you are playing in C major. 

Now available in G/D and A/D
The Seydel Sampler is half valved, which enables note bending as you would on a standard diatonic harmonica, which gives the player more creativity and expressive playing.  You can instantly switch between A minor and D minor simply by pressing or releasing the slider.

A great harmonica for playing classical, folk and pop music, and also for experienced blues players to explore new possibilities.

One harmonica, two keys, three full octaves.

  • - solo-tuning in the keys of C and G (D major and A major if playing in third position).
  • - three full octaves in two keys, conveniently switchable with the lockable slider.
  • - half-valving, gives easier note bending.
  • - the Stainless-Steel reeds give full sound and good tone response for dynamic playing.
  • - corrosion-free German Silver reedplates
  • - precision made acrylic comb makes the sampler very airtight and durable.
  • - innovative locking device for optional fixing of the slider in the depressed position (G major).
  • - ergonomic mouthpiece with round holes for lip-friendly playing.
  • - corrosion-free Stainless Steel covers, opened wide at the back for optimized sound projection.

Watch the Seydal Sampler video.


Mat Walklate plays the "Irish" version of the Seydel Sampler harmonica, the key G/D is suitable for playing Irish Folk tunes.

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