Seydel Session Steel harmonica
Seydel Session Steel, Paddy Richter (C)
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Product Description: 

Now available in key Bb.  The Seydel Session Paddy Richter 10 hole diatonic harmonica is ideal for playing Irish and Celtic Music. This is because the harmonica is altered by the hole 3 blow note being raised by a whole tone. Bending of this note in the normal tuning would be very laborious for fast jigs, the rest of the harmonica follows standard Richter tuning.
The name is a synonym for the Irish 'Paddy', and Richter refers to the closeness to Richter Tuning.
Features of the Seydel Session Steel include:
• Ergonomic coverplates made of stainless steel, completely rounded at the mouthpiece
• ABS plastic comb with recessed nickel silver reedplates
• Rivets and screws made of stainless steel
• Lips and beard friendly design
• Minimal air pressure required, achieved by fine-cut reedplates, optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and reedplate
• Stainless steel reeds provide the best clear and full sound and response of the 1847 models
•Up to five times longer playing life compared to models with brass reeds
• With a convenient, real leather pouch
• Available in the keys of: A, Bb, C, D, and G.

 This tuning was invented and named by Brendan Power and first used on his New Irish Harmonica CD.

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