Seydel Solist Pro harmonica
Seydel Solist Pro (C)
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Product Description: 

High and low tunings are now in stock.  The Seydel Solist Pro is a diatonic harmonica with a laser cut comb and half-flat stainless steel covers which gives a brilliant sound.  This harmonica features a contoured sealed beachwood comb with widened, slightley oval holes to maximise airflow across the reeds. The corners have also been rounded for extra playing comfort, while the reed plates are screwed to the comb and highly polished stainless steel cover plates are bolted through the body for extra airtightness and tone.
The Seydel Solist Pro has the following features:
• German Silver reedplates optimized for loudness and extreme airtightness
• reeds specially set for best response - traditional brass reeds
• half-flat covers for brilliant sound
• wooden body, multiple coats of sealant for a resistant finish
• comes with convenient leather pouch


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