Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel harmonica
Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel (Low C)
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Product Description: 

The Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel solo tuned has 12 holes and the notes are the same as on chromatic  harmonica.  This makes it suitable for players wishing to play folk tunes and those wishing to play a "chromatic style" on a blues harmonica.  This harmonica gives the player three full octaves (starting with C4). 

This innovative hybrid harmonica has stainless steel reeds in holes 1 -9 and traditional brass reeds in holes 10 - 12.
Ideal for folk musicians as they can play meodies over three octaves, and players wishing to get the chromatic notes without the slide.


Available in key C and comes with a Seydel zip pouch.

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