Steve Baker Special harmonica (G)
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Product Description: 

This exciting tuned harmonica is designed by the highly regarded harmonica player and author Steve Baker. It is based on the Richter scale, fourteen hole Marine Band, and was developed with the intention of extending the range of bendable draw notes, it has an extra three at the lower end - the last three holes are duplicated - and one at the high end, compared with a standard ten hole diatonic. (See the note layout diagram.)  This permit draw note bending over a far greater range and enables the player to use all registers of the instrument.
The Steve Baker Special has a pear wood comb. 0.9 brass reed plates and stainless steel cover plates.

Only available in keys F and G.
The keys of C, D, and F start an octave lower than the standard Marine Band or diatonic harmonica
See Steve's video.

This video is a demonstration of the harmonica the actual sound will depend upon your playing technique and ability.

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