Suzuki Cord BCH48 harmonica
Suzuki Chord Bass BCH-48
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Product Description: 

The BCH Chord Bass is Suzuki's latest and exciting addition to their renowned Ensemble range. The Major and 7th chords are arranged on the upper row, while Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords are arranged on the lower row. It has 5 chord patterns (including octave bass notes), 12 keys. Each row has 24 chords (24 major chords on the upper row and 24 minor chords on the lower) and each chord has 2 bass notes which are an octave apart. This new non valved, single reed model has the ability to add your own bass notes to a chord, providing strength of tone and depth of sound. When accompanying another harmonica player, you have the effect of a trio ensemble!
Contruction: Polished stainless steel cover plates, ABS resin bodies.
Dimensions: 595 x 35 x 67 mm (23.43" x 1.38" x 2.64")
Weight 1.200g (2.65lb).
Accessories: Velvet lined hard case with protective gig bag, strap and cleaning cloth.
Optional extras: HMC-2 microphone.

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