Suzuki Chromatix SCX48
Suzuki Chromatix Series (C, SCX-48)
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Product Description: 

The 12 hole Suzuki chromatic harmonica has a three octave range. The reeds are phosphor bronze, for purity of tone and longevity. The brass reed beds are screwed securely to a plastic comb and the cover plates and mouthpiece are highly polished chrome plate on brass. The SCX-48 comes in five keys; C, A, D, F and G. The Suzuki SCX 56 and SCX 64 chromatics come in key C only and add an extrta half and full octave to the playing range. Reach those low notes with the 14 hole model starting on the G and the 16 hole model on C. All this range benefit from phosphor bronze reeds, for purity of tone and longevity. All these harmonicas are contained in a plush lined plastic case.

Three Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas played by Brendan Power and Jacob Venndt: the 12 hole SCX-48, 14 hole SCX-56 and 16 hole SCX-64.


This video is a demonstration of the harmonica the actual sound will depend upon your playing technique and ability.

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