Suzuki Fabulous FC-64C Chromatic
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Product Description: 

The Fabulous FC-64 is the pinnacle of Suzuki's superb chromatic range. Sharing most of the features of the F-48S but having an extra octave starting from the first hole, which expands the playing range and musical versatility.
The main difference between these two chromatics, is larger holes and a cross alignment slide -the notes of the scale alternate between the top and bottom of the slide- a featue of many chromatics, to aid airflow to the reeds and give an enhanced bass response.

Range: 16 Hole, 64 notes, C to D4 sliding chromatic;
Slide Alignment: cross;
Material: Body/Cover: brass with Silver plating
Mouthpiece: hand crafted brass with gold plating;
Reedplates: brass;
Reeds: phosphor bronze
Dimensions and weight:197 x 45 x 33mm, Weight: 760g.
Contained in a plush, velvet lined leather case with a zip fastenning.

Two luxury Chromatic Harmonicas from Suzuki. Short-stroke 12 hole model (F-48S) and long-stroke 16 hole model (F-64C).

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