Suzuki Sirius Chromatic 48 harmonica
Suzuki Sirius chromatic series (Sirius 48)
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Product Description: 

The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern, yet elegant design that will not fail to impress. The Sirius is a direct spin off of the critically acclaimed Suzuki Fabulous range of harmonicas and sets a new standard for chromatic harmonica design. This unique instrument allows the player to perform far more expressively than with traditional Chromatics.

S48-S: Range: 12 hole 48 key (c1 to d4),
Sliding chromatic slide alignment: Straight,
Body: ABS resin with brass weight
Covers: Brass with 'frosted silver' Chrome Plating
Reedplate: Brass with chrome plating
Reeds: Phosphor bronze
Mouthpiece: Silver Plated Brass

The 14 hole S56-S (1st note starts on G. G to D4) and the 16 hole S64-S (an octave lower than the 12 hole version  C to D4) are also available.

The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern elegant design.

This video is a demonstration of the harmonica the actual sound will depend upon your playing technique and ability.

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