Suzuki Chromatic Tremolo harmonica
Suzuki ST-128 Chromatic Tremolo
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Product Description: 

Is it a tremolo or is it a chromatic? It's both! This must be the only model in production, and Suzuki have created this revolutionary harmonica so the full tremolo sound can be enjoyed across four full octaves of the chromatic scale. Most musical keys should be accessible with the aid of the slide, just like a chromatic harmonica. Special features of this unique harmonica are: sixteen holes giving four full octaves, 128 phosphor bronze reeds, a plastic resin body, highly polished chrome cover plates and a gold plated mouthpiece and slide button. Even the design of this harmonica is unique and is contained in a high quality, tooled leather holster.

Jacob Venndt demonstrates the Suzuki SCT-128, the world's first commercial Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica.

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