Hohner, the most prolific maker of harmonicas in the world. Hundreds of millions have been produced since the company was established by Matthias Hohner in 1857. Hohner is still the number one manufacturer, producing over one million harmonicas per year.


Hohner Crossover Comb

Bamboo comb for Hohner Crossover and Thunderbird harmonicas.

Hohner cover plate fitments

Hohner cover plate fitment for Big River, Blues Harp, Meisterklasse, and Harponette harmonicas.

Hohner Rocket Reed Plates

Replacement reed plates for the Hohner Rocket now available.

Make your old Hohner Rocket sound like new with a set of reed plates.

Hohner Big River Comb

Replacement comb for Hohner Big River harmonica

Suitable for Hohner Big River and Hohner Pro Harp harmonicas.

Hohner CX12 Gold Reed Plates

These reed plates are for the Hohner CX12 Gold Chromatic harmonica.  The reeds and plates are brass and the plates are 1.2mm thick, for extra air t

Hohner Harmonica Service Set

Special price now £56.95 a saving of £18 on the RRP.  Repair and service your harmonicas with this professional Hohner harmonica service set.  It c

Spare Parts for Hohner CX12

Keep your Hohner CX12 Chromatic harmonica in good working condition with these spare parts. 

Spare Parts for Super Chromonica 270/48

Keep your Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 in good working condition with these spare parts.  Some of the parts are suitable for other harmonicas.

Hohner Chromatic Harmonica Case

Replace your lost or broken Hohner Chromatic harmonica case with a new one.  We have replacement cases for the following chromatic harmonicas, Hohn

Hohner Thunderbird T Shirt

Hohner Thunderbird tee shirt in black with Thunderbird logo in white on front and "Blowin' up a storm" printed on back just under the neck, and red

Hohner Harmonica Cases

Have you lost or broken your harmonica case?

Hohner Flexrack Harness

The Flexrack harp harness is a long awaited addition to Hohner's accessory range.

Hohner Harmonica Instant Workshop Toolkit

Hohner Harmonica Instant Workshop Toolkit.

Golden Melody Comb

Replacement plastic comb for Hohner Golden Melody harmonica.

Bob Dylan T-Shirt

This is the Bob Dylan Signature Series Harmonica tee shirt. It is made of top quality 100% cotton and produced by Fruit of the Loom.

Hohner 270 Delux Chromatic Reed Plates

These reed plates fit the Hohner 270 Delux Chromatic harmonica, with wind savers attached.  Available in C only.

Chromatic Super 64X Reed Plates

Hohner Chromatic Super 64X double thickness reed plates with valves attached.  Key of C in stock.


This set of 14 different size windsavers are suitable for chromatic and other valved harmonicas.

Hohner Special 20 Cover Plates

Cover plates for Hohner Special 20. The top cover plate of this pair is stamped with C, to indicate the harmonica key.

Hohner 270/48 Reed Plates

These reed plates fit the Hohner 270/48 Super Chromatic harmonica and are tuned, with wind savers attached.  Availabe in major keys and Tenor in C.

Hohner CX12 Reedplates

These reed plates fit the Hohner Chromatic CX12 and CX12 Jazz.

Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover Reed Plates

Replacement reed plates are now available for your Hohner Marine Band Deluxe harp.

Hohner Harp Belt

The Hohner Harp Belt holds 6 blues harmonicas in elasticated pouches on a vinyl and webbing belt.

Golden Melody, Special 20 and Marine Band Reedplates

Update your harmonica with a new set of reed plates.

Hohner Harmonica Harness

This is essential if you want to achieve the Bob Dylan or Neil Young look.

Hohner Diatonic Harness

This harness is designed for a single diatonic, blues type harmonica.



Chromatic Harmonica Course

Chromatic Harmonica Course book with CD by Kathrin Gass


CDs & DVDs

Blues Step by Step Starter Kit

This Step By Step, Blues Harp starter kit by Hohner, contains all that is needed to start playing the harmonica.



Hohner Rocket Low Tunings

Hohner Rocket harmonica now in low keys with a blue comb.  Available in keys Low C, Low D, Low E, Low Eb and Low F.


Hohner XB40 'Bending Harp'  - now discontuined by Hohner only available in key Low F#. 

Hohner Little Lady Keyring

This 4 hole Little Lady harmonica on a keyring makes a great gift.  The harmonica has a pearwood comb, brass reed plates and stainless steel covers

Hohner Pioneer Harmonica

This 10 hole diatonic harmonica has a transparent comb, stainless steel cover plates and brass reed plates.

Hohner 360 and Little Lady collection

This collector's edidtion of the Hohner 360 and Little Lady harmonicas is a must for any harmonica player.

Hohner Little Lady Anniversary Release

On 16 December 1965 the HOHNER Little Lady became the first musical instrument to be played in outer space.

Hohner 360 Harmonica

Hohner commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first musical instrument to be played in outer space.

Hohner Blues Harp Pro Pack

Hohner Blues Harp is designed for blues music. It has consistent volume and tone when used for intense blues playing. 

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica Pro Pack

The Hohner Special 20 has a superior response and a warm dark sound.   The plastic comb with projecting mouthpiece gives added playing comfort.  Th

Hohner Marine Band 1896 Pro Pack

This pack contains the three most popular harmonica keys C, G and A.

Hohner Hot Metal

Hohner Hot Metal harmonica is not only a great instrument for blues and folk.

Hohner Big River Harp Pro Pack

The Honher Big River MS Pro Pack contains the three most popular keys of C, G and A.  This pack of three Big River harmonicas represents exceptiona

Hohner Rocket

Now reduced to £35.99. The Rocket, claimed to be the world's loudest harmonica, represents a new breakthrough in diatonic harmonica design.

Hohner Chromatica 263

Hohner's Chromatica orchestral harmonica has 35 chromatic notes arranged directly next to each other.  The blow and draw note of each hole have the

Hohner Unsere Lieblinge

These traditional Hohner Unsere Lieblinge octave harmonicas have been popular with young and old players for generations.

Hohner Bass 78

This high end orchestral harmonica was developed in co-operation with leading international harmonica players and the result is a professional harm

Hohner Harmonette Limited Edition

The Hohner Harmonette is a limited edition harmonica from the Hohner Historic Collection and is manufactored in Germany.

Hohner C Limited Edition Chromatic

Hohner C Limited Edition Chromatic Harmonica

Hohner Discovery 48

The Discovery 48 is the latest edition to Hohner's chromatic harmonica range, which span one hundred years, since the Super Chromonica of 1912.

Hohner Alabama Blues

The Alabama Blues, the perfect choice for someone who wants a quality harmonica for a reasonable price.

John Lennon Signature Series

'A masterpiece in style and design' is how the John Lennon Imagine Signature Series harmonica could be described.

Hohner Thunderbird

The Thunderbird, the latest addition to the famous Marine Band series, creates a new benchmark for low and super low diatonic harmonicas by incorpo

Bob Dylan Signature Series Harps

The Bob Dylan Signature Series model represents the next generation in harmonica design and playability, resulting from the collaboration of Bob Dy

Steven Tyler Artist Series

The Steven Tyler Artist Series harmonica is a 'must have' for all his fans and is a more affordable version than the Signature model.

Hohner Special 20

 Popular with both blues and country players, the Hohner Special 20 is a classic design harmonica.

Hohner Chord (Accorda)

Special price £950.00 saving £467.99 The Hohner Accorda was the world's first harmonica of this size, measuring 58.5cm long, it's

Hohner Advertising Signs

This set of four Hohner advertising signs are made of high quality sheet metal, and compliment the instruments of the Hohner Historic Collection. 

Hohner Little Lady mini harmonica

The first harmonica in space!

Echo Tremolo harmonica

This great value Echo Tremolo harmonica is available in the key G only.

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe

The harmonica, players have been waiting for!

Harponette Historic Collection

Now reduced to £59.99 - Save £50 on RRP.  The Hohner Harponette is manufactured in Trossingen Germany and is part of the Hohner Hi

Hohner Double Puck

This great little ten hole harmonica measures a mere 70mm long by 45 mm wide, however, with it's 40 reeds it has the same amount of notes as a full

Hohner Blues Bender

£14.99 special price.

Hohner Marine Band Soloist

The Hohner Marine Band Solosit has 12 holes and tuned in a complete three octave scale as opposed to the Richter tuning which has notes missing at

Steve Baker Special harmonica

This exciting tuned harmonica is designed by the highly regarded harmonica player and author Steve Baker.

Hohner Super 64x

Hohner describe the Super 64X as one of their luxury class harmonicas, which is a pretty fair description!

Hohner Sextet Tremolo

If the double-sided Echo does not offer you enough variety, you could consider the Tremolo Sextet or it's German name, Kreuzwender which is, as its

Hohner Golden Melody Tremolo

The Hohner Golden Melody Tremolo has curved and rounded body that make it ‘ergonomic’ and very comfortable to hold.

Hohner Echo Double Sided series

The Echo Harp series celebrate a long and distinguished production history, made with the traditional bell metal reeds on a wooden comb, producing

Hohner Tremolo 21 Deluxe

The Hohner 21 Tremolo DeLuxe harmonica has two reeds for each note, precisely tuned slightly apart from each other.

Hohner Silver Star

The Hohner Silver Star is a good harmonica for beginners. The brass reed and reedplates are recessed into the plastic comb.

Hohner Silver Concerto

The Silver Concerto is in a class of its own!

Hohner Amadeus Chromatic

For the dedicated solo player, the completely hand-crafted Amadeus, designed by Willy Burger, is a joy to behold and play!

Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic

The Meisterklasse chromatic is one of Hohner's deluxe range of harmonicas.

Hohner Super 64 Chromatic

This is similar in many ways to the 64 Chromonica but the cover plates are flush with the ends of body, making it more stylish, easier to hold and

Hohner Chromonica 64

The 280/64 Chromonica 64 is an extended version of the 270/48 Super Chromonica, having an extra octave below middle C which, when played in the low

Hohner Larry Adler Chromatic

The Larry Adler Professional 12 and Larry Adler Professional 16 are similar to the type of chromatic harmonicas made by the Hohner company for the

Hohner Chromatic CX12 Jazz

The CX12 Jazz is an exciting new development in the CX12 chromatic range, featuring a narrower profiled mouthpiece, which is more comfortable to pl

Hohner CX12 Chromatic

The Hohner CX-12 chromatic harmonica is popular for it's smooth ballad-like sound, easy action, good volume, and ease of disassembly for cleaning a

Hohner Super Chromonica Gold

This harmonica looks a million dollars. Fortunately, it doesn't cost quite that much.

Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48

The 270/48 Super Chromonica is probably the best selling chromatic harmonica of all time.

Hohner Chrometta Series

If you are new to the idea of playing the chromatic harmonica, you might prefer to begin on one of Hohner's entry level models in the Chrometta ser

Hohner Crossover

Part of the Hohner Marine Band series the Hohner Crossover is a top range professional harmonica, ideal for the blues, rock, soul or jazz player. 

Hohner Meisterklasse

The Hohner Meisterklasse is one of the finest quality diatonic harmonicas available.

Hohner Pro Harp

In character very similar to the Blues Harp, its synthetic comb makes it very air-tight.

Hohner Cross Harp

Now available in key low Eb.  The synthetic comb of this harmonica is gold plated and has thicker reed plates to provide an extra robust tone.

Hohner Golden Melody

If you are one of the increasing number of players practicing the overblow technique popularised by such players as Howard Levy, you will probably

Hohner Big River

The Big River is manufactured in Hohner's factory in Germany, and represents exceptional value and is an ideal harmonica for beginners.

Hohner Blues Harp

Like the Marine Band, the Blues Harp has a wooden body (or comb).

Hohner Marine Band

Available in key Low E. The Hohner Marine Band, first made in 1896, is the world's best selling harmonica and is still the instrum

Hohner Echo Octave Series

These octave-tuned harmonicas are distinguished from the Echo Tremolo models by their curved shape.

Hohner Echo Tremolo Series

The Hohner Echo Tremolo harmonica has a maple wood comb and engraved stainless steel covers and 0.9mm brass reed plates.

Hohner Piccolo

The Piccolo is the smallest regular diatonic harmonica in Hohner's range. Made famous by Charlie McCoy who establish the harp in country music.


Other Instruments

Hohner AirBoard

Hohner have given their melodica a makeover and introduced the Airboard.  With it's redesigned flexible mouthpiece, brightly coloured covers and ma

Hohner Ocean Melodica

The Ocean Melodica by Hohner has blue and black keys on a deep ocean blue coloured body.  The 32 keys have a tonal range f-c'''.

Hohner Fire Melodica

The Fire Melodica by Hohner looks superb with red and black keys on a flame red body.  The 32 keys give it a tonal range f-c'''.

Hohner Piano 32 Jubilee Melodica

SPECIAL PRICE, now £129.99 the coolest melodica around, with its 32 black and metallic red keys and matching red body.

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