Lee Oskar

Lee Oskar, the famous and renowned harmonica player, formed a company 1983, in collaboration with Tombo to manufacture high quality harmonicas. Lee Oskar harmioncas come in four tunings, Diatonic Major, Melody Maker and Natural and Harmonic Minor.


Lee Oskar Harmonica Box

Replacement box for Lee Oskar harmonica.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Badge

Lee Oskar Harmonica Badge ideal for wearing on your lapel, cap, hat etc.

Lee Oskar Ski Hat

Keep warm with this Lee Oskar ski hat.

Lee Oskar Tool Kit

Whether simply replacing reed plates or actually tuning and adjusting reeds, this tool kit is an absolute must for every serious harmonica player

Lee Oskar Soft Case

The Lee Oskar Soft Case holds 7 harmonicas inside a well-padded woven, nylon casing, with a zip fastening.

Lee Oskar replacement reedplates

Replacement reed plates for Lee Oskar harmonicas, Major Diatonic, Natural Minor,  Harmonic Minor and Melody Maker.



Lee Oskar Harmonicas

Lee Oskar harmonicas are available in four tunings, Major Diatonic, Melody Maker, Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor.

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