Lone Wolf

This unique range of dedicated harmonica effects pedals are manufactured by the Lone Wolf Blues Company of USA. They add a new dimension to your harp sound, with absolutely no loss or negative effect to your tone.


Lone Wolf Harp Tone +

The Lone Wolf Harp Tone+ effects pedal is the answer for those who want a bassier tone.  The effects pedal has a fat bottom, more depth, for those

Lone Wolf Frontman

The Harp Frontman is an active DI Box with an effects loop, it is designed for low impedance microphones allowing the performer to sing and play ha

Boogieman Pedal

The Boogieman multi effects pedal features three of Lone Wolf's most popular effects circuits: the Harp Delay, Harp Break, and Harp Tone Plus.

Harp Train 10 Speaker

The Harp Train Speaker was created for the Lone Wolf Blues Company, specifically for harmonica amps.

Lone Wolf Terminator

The Lone Wolf Terminator is the answer for those who want to get the most out of their high impedance microphone and for those who desire a splitte

Harp Train 10 Harmonica Amp

THE HARP TRAIN 10 is truly a unique harmonica amp; it provides a punchy, fat, vintage tone, while being the most affordable harp-specific amplifier

Lone Wolf Harp Reverb

The Harp Reverb produces a very high quality spring reverb effect, it is engineered for harmonica players and is unique in that the reverberation i

Jason Ricci Flat Cat

The Jason Ricci Flat Cat is a distortion-free optical compressor, which "compresses" the signal your microphone produces and equal

Lone Wolf Harp Shield

Block Feedback! The Harp Shield Audio signals from the amplifier’s speaker are picked up by the

18v PSU for Harp Attack pedal

This 18v Power Supply Unit (PSU) is for use with the Lone Wolf Harp Attack pedal.  It saves you from frequently replacing  the 2 x 9 volt batteries

Lone Wolf V2 Delay

The HARP V2 DELAY is designed for harp players who prefer more presence in their tone.

Lone Wolf Harp Delay

The Harp Delay, to my knowledge, is the first delay designed for harmonica, offered to the public, it is not a tone sucking modded guitar delay but

Lone Wolf Harp Break

 The Harp Break pedal provides clipping distortion with a full range of clean to full grit.

Lone Wolf Harp Attack

 The HARP ATTACK is designed to provide true power tube distortion in a pedal.

Lone Wolf Octave

 The Harp Octave is a great tool for the harp player who wants to have diverse sounds.

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