Mel Bay

Mel Bay one of the biggest music publishers in the world. This US based company has the greatest selection of harmonica books.


Mel Bay's Basic Harmonica Method book

This book will give you a jump-start in playing blues harmonica, and is designed to get y

Chromatic Harmonica Method

Mel Bay's Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method by Phil Duncan is a good modern instruction book, with the option of a CD and DVD version.  This will

Blues Harmonica Method, Level 2

Blues Harmonica Level 2, within the School of the Blues Lesson Series, is an exiting intermediate blues harmonica course in the tongue block style.

You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica

This must be one of the best value tutors available You can Teach Yourself Harmonica is over hundred and thirty pages are packed with folk and blue

First Lessons Harmonica

First Lessons Harmonica by David Barrett is an exciting set-by-step instruction course for the ten-hole diatonic harmonica.

Harmonica Classics by Phil Duncan

This Harmonica Classics book by Phil Duncan is written for diatonic, chromatic and cross harp.

Celtic Harmonica Reels

Celtic Harmonica Reels by David Herzhaft contains a collection of 30 popular traditional Celtic reels for the diatonic harmonica.   The songs are w

Harmonica Tunes Made Easy

The songs in this book are presented in harmonica tablature with blow and draw arrows and diatonic hole numbers.  It contains a collection of all t

Building Harmonica Technique

This is a comprehensive study of harmonica techniques and blues soloing concepts for the intermediate to advanced diatonic harmonica player.

First Lessons Blues Harmonica

This First Lessons Blues Harmonica book by David Barrett comes in two versions; the book with CD and the book CD and DVD set.  This exciting beginn

Tremolo and Octave Method Phil Duncan

The Tremolo and Octave Method by Phil Duncan is one of the few books to cover both these instruments.

Blues Harp for Diatonic & Chromatic Harmonica

This book gives you the basic skills needed to play blues or country blues using diatonic or chromatic harmonica.

Easiest Blues Harp book by Phil Duncan

This book is the ideal way to get started playing blues harmonica styles.  You start learning the basic harmonica techniques, like lip blocking, si

Harmonica Songbook by Bill Bay

This book contains a collection of over 120 songs arranged for the diatonic harmonica, and includes ballards, classics, folk songs, fun songs, Iris

Favorite Harmonica Songs By Phil Duncan

This book contains over 25 songs suitable for harmonica players.

Basic Blues Harp Bk & CD

Basic Blues Harp...

Basic Chromatic Harmonica by Phil Duncan

This great value book and CD by Phil Duncan, contains the basic chromatic harmonica playing techniques.  It takes you through the fundamentals usin

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks and Soloing Concepts #2

This book is Level 2 of the Complete Blues Harmonica Lesson Series and is suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

Complete 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica series

'A Harmonica Book', don't be put off by this seemingly simple title!  It refers to the key of the harmonica, and in fact, there is one for all the

Harmonica Gig Saver Series

The Gig Savers series of six booklets by David Barratt, has been designed to give studying harmonica players answers to common questions in a brief

Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp

This book is the one used by David Barrett himself for his own teaching and masterclasses.

Irish Melodies

Irish Melodies for Harmonica by Phil Duncan contains 130 well-known Irish jigs, reels, hornpipes, set dances, O'Carolan tunes, folksongs, ballads,

SOTB Blues Method Level 1

This is the first book in David Barrett's School of the Blues series and takes you from music and blues playing theory to chorus forms, licks and s

Exploring 1st Position - level 3

The 1st position has it's own unique context in blues, and David Barrett explores the possibilities of this great position!  The book contains an e

Scales Patterns & Bending Exercises #2 - Level 3

Scales Patterns and Bending Exercises #2, follows on from the first book, but goes into more depth.

Jam Tracks and Soloing Concepts #3

The long awaited and the last book in David Barrett's Masterclass series; Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks and Soloing Concepts #3, covers a variety of t

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #1

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks and Soloing Concepts -- Level 1 by David Barrett is a practice manual that should be used in conjunction with other book

Basic Blues Harmonica Method

Basic Blues Harmonica Method -- Level 1 by David Barrett is the opening volume in a brand new series, David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass from Me


CDs & DVDs

Building Harmonica Technique DVD vol 3 & 4

Currently only DVD vol 3 & 4 in stock.

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