Established in 1847, which makes it the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world. Major investment in the company over the last five years has made Seydel into a world class producer of harmonicas.


Seydel Reed Plate Screws

Packet of 10 reed plate screws suitable for Seydel diatonic harmonicas only.

Seydel Session Reed Plates

These Seydel Session reedplates are made of brass.  Replace your old tired and out of tune reed plates.

Seydel Smart-Belt

The Seydel Smart-Belt is designed to hold eight blues harmonicas so now you can be prepared for a jam session.

Seydel Cover Plate Screws

Seydel cover plate screws for diatonic harmonicas.  Each packet contains 2 screws and 2 nuts, head has a cross-slot.

Set of Seydel Valves

Set of valves suitable for Seydel Chromatic, Saxony, Deluxe, and Fanfare harmonicas.
Eleven different lengths and six pieces per length. 

Seydel Valve Glue

Tube of Seydel valve glue (size 30g - 1oz) for chromatic or diatonic harmonicas.

Seydel Big Six Reed Plates

Now available in keys A, Bb, D, G and C, as well as folk tuning in key C. Seydel Big Six Blues replacement reed plates with stainless steel reeds.

Seydel Session Steel Comb

Replacement comb for Seydel Session Steel harmonica, available in orange, yellow, sparkling blue and turquoise.

Seydel Cover Plates

Cover plates for Seydel harmonicas - select the type of cover plates you require from the drop down list.

Seydel 1847 Comb

Maple wood comb for Seydel 1847 Classic harmonica.

Seydel Paddy Richter Plates

Seydel Blues Session Paddy Richter tuned brass reed plates.  Update you old Seydel with a new set of reed plates.

Seydel T-shirt

Seydel short-sleeved tee shirt in black, 100% cotton with Seydel-Logo on the front, size large.

Seydel Session Steel Reed Plates

These reeds are stainless steel on a nickel plate, are Richter tuned and are suitable for the Session Steel, 1847 Silver+ and are

Seydel Diatonic Belt Bag

This diatonic belt bag by Seydel holds one 10 hole blues harmonica. It has belt loop on the back and Seydel logo on the front.

Seydel Chromatic Belt Bag

This chromatic belt bag by Seydel holds one chromatic harmonica.

Seydel Gig Bag 12 (Belt Bag)

This compact gig bag by Seydel holds 12 blues (diatonic) harmonicas.

Seydel Hard Shell Case (for Chromatic)

Seydel Hard Shell Case is designed for carrying one or two chromatic harmonicas.

Seydel Gig Bag (Belt Bag)

This compact Seydel belt bag holds 6 blues harmonicas, it attaches to your belt so all your harmonicas are at hand.

Seydel Tool Set

The Seydel Toolset is one of the best tool kits available, and is indispensible for adjusting the reed gaps, fine tuning, replacing reeds and maint

Seydel Setup Pack

Seydel Sound Check Vol 3 Setup Pack, contains all you need to adjust the reeds on your Seydel harmonicas.

Seydel Harmonica Wallet

This leather wallet is included with many of Seydel's diatonic harmonicas, and we are often asked if we sell them as a separate item.

Seydel Session Steel T shirt

Make sure everyone can see who is playing the harmonica by wearing this bright orange Seydel Session Steel T shirt.

Seydel 1847 Reed Plates

These reeds are made of stainless steel, on nickel silver plates and are Richter tuned.  The Seydel 1847 reed plates are suitable for the S

Seydel Belt Bag

This Seydel Belt Bag is designed for Seydel Blues harmonicas.  It is made from real leather, has Seydel logo on front and has a loop on the back to

Seydel Favorite/Solist Pro Reed Plates

The Seydel Favorite Standard reed plates.

Seydel Session Reed Plates

These Seydel Session reedplates are made of brass.  Replace your old tired and out of tune reed plates.

Seydel Hardcase

This Seydel Hardcase holds 20 diatonic harmonicas.  It's a tough robust black case with Seydel name on one side.  It zips up round 3 sides and lays

Seydel Softcase

This tough black Seydel Softcase holds 14 diatonic harmonicas.  It has outer zip with Seydel logo on one side.



Triola Tune Book

A great little tune book to compliment the Seydel Triola.


CDs & DVDs

Seydel Orchestra S Beginners Pack

The pack includes a Seydel Orchestra S harmonica in key low C and a tutorial book with audio CD, so you can learn to play melodies on this harmonic

Seydel Blues Beginner Pack

The Seydel Blues Beginner Pack pack comes with a choice of harmonica a Standard Session or a Session Steel harmonica in the key of C.  The pack con



Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Steel

This Seydel Chromatic Harmonica has 12 holes, 48 Stainless Steel reeds and orange-tinted acrylic comb with curved profile mouthpiece.

Seydel Club Octave

The Seydel Club Octave harmonica is ideal for beginners.

Seydel PowerTunings

The Seydel Session Steel is now available in two styles the PowerBender and the PowerDraw.

Seydel Fanfare S Tremolo

The Seydel Fanfare-S is an improvement to the standard Seydel Fanfare as it has stainless steel reeds.

Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel

The Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel solo tuned has 12 holes and the notes are the same as on chromatic  harmonica.  This makes it suitable for players w

Seydel Orchestra S harmonica

Seydel Orchestra S harmonica is a solo tuned diatonic harmonica which is orchestra tuned.  It has a red translucent plastic comb, ergonomic stainle

Seydel Sampler

Two harmonicas in one! The Seydel Sampler is a solo tuned diatonic harmonica with a key changing slider, which allows you to play

Seydel 1847 Silver

Seydel have created the first harmonica that is corrosion proof.

Seydel Big Six

The BIG SIX – now available in the most popular keys of G, A, Bb, C, D and F, in six cool colours of black, lava, sky, olive, yellow and white.

Seydel Big Six set of six

The Big Six has been very popular but players kept asking for other keys besides C.

Seydel Session Steel, Paddy Richter

Now available in key Bb.  The Seydel Session Paddy Richter 10 hole diatonic harmonica is ideal for playing Irish and Celtic Music.

Seydel Session Steel Sets

Session Steel Harmonica Sets, with harmonica pouch.

Seydel Session Steel

 The Session Steel is the improved version of Seydel's popular Session and now includes stainless steel reeds which are a feature

Seydel Session Paddy Richter

The Seydel Session Paddy Richter 10 hole diatonic harmonica is ideal for playing Irish and Celtic Music.

Seydel Noble

The Seydel Noble is a blues harp in their 1847 series.  Made from the best materials; matted stainless steel cover plates; a milled aluminum, black

Seydel Fanfare Tremolo

The Fanfare tremolo is optimized for air-tightness and therefore can be played with an easiness and tonal quality that is unusual for a tremolo har

Seydel 1847 Classic

The Seydel 1847 Classic was the first diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.  This harmonica features sealed maple wood comb with widened,

Seydel Megaphone

The Seydel megaphone was designed to amplify the sound of the Fanfare tremolo harmonica, it is also suitable for Seydel's Chromatic Deluxe.

Seydel Concerto Solo 40

Seydel have produced this unique range of octave harmonicas.

Seydel Chromatic Standard

Seydel's Standard 12 hole Chromatic harmonica offers a good introduction to chromatic harmonica playing.  The brass reedplates are attached to a pl

Seydel Chromatic Deluxe

Seydel Chromatic Deluxe is available in standard and Irish tunings.  Seydel's Chromatic Deluxe has a crisp and prescise full tone and has a range o

Seydel Saxony Chromatic

The SAXONY CHROMATIC is a professional chromatic harmonica with unique features.

Seydel Big Six in tin

Seydel have found a whole new meaning to canned music with their Big Six harmonica in a ring pull can.

Seydel Solist Pro

High and low tunings are now in stock.  The Seydel Solist Pro is a diatonic harmonica with a laser cut comb and half-flat stainles

Seydel Favorite

The Seydel Favorite holds it own with other top end, all metal, brands of harmonica, with its high build quality.

Seydel Session harmonica

The Seydel Session is a well balanced harmonica and it's weight feels just right.

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