The Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co. established in the early 1950's, by Manji Suzuki, who has an engineering background. From an early age he had a passion for harmonicas and started to make them. Today, Suzuki is one of the leading manufacturers, always innovating new harmonicas and ways to produce them.


Suzuki Chromatix Reed Plates

Reed plates for the Suzuki Chromatix (SCX) chromatic harmonica are made from extra thick brass. 

Suzuki Olive Reed Plates

Now you can bring new life to your old Suzuki Olive harmonica with these reed plates. 

Suzuki Reed Replacement Tool Set

Suzuki HRT-10 Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool Kit is the perfect companion for the serious harmonica player or repairer.

Harmonica Slide Oil

Chromatic harmonica slide oil. To ensure smooth movement of your slide lubricate it with a few drops this oil.

Bottle size 40ml.

Suzuki Chord Microphones

These Chord harmonica microphones are especially designed to amplify those chords and bass tones of the SCH-24 and the SCH-48 bass harmonicas.

Suzuki Double Bass Microphones

These Double Bass microphones are especially designed to amplify those low bass tones of the SDB-29 and the SDB-39 bass harmonicas.

Suzuki Manji Reed Plates

These replacement reed plates for the Suzuki Manji are available in all the major keys.

Suzuki Pure Harp/Fire Breath Reed Plates

Now available - replacement reed plates for your Suzuki Fire Breath and Pure Harp harmonicas.



Suzuki Manji Low Tunings

Suzuki have extended the range of Manji harmonicas to include low keys. Now available in Low Keys C, D, E, Eb.

Suzuki Manji Pack

The Suzuki Manji Low C and Low D now available a 2 pack; the 3 pack contains the keys of C, G and A (not low tunings).

Suzuki Manji Set

The Suzuki Manji set contains 7 Manji harmonicas in a compact soft case.  Each harmonica is held firmly in an individual pocket in the folding zip

Suzuki Slide Chord Harmonica

The Suzuki Slide Chord 56 (SSCH-56) will open new doors for the passionate and curious harmonica player.

Suzuki Sub30 UltraBend

Play a chromatic scale on a diatonic harmonica, the new Suzuki Sub30 UltraBend harmonica has a unique reed set up that allows you to do that using

Suzuki Olive

The Olive, Suzuki's latest and most exciting diatonic.

Suzuki Easy Rider

An entry level harmonica available in three keys, C, low D and G.

Suzuki Airwave harmonica

This harmonica designed by Suzuki comes in a choice of three colours, red, blue and orange.  It has a sleek modern design that is easy to hold and

Suzuki 24H Octave

The Suzuki 24H Octave has a rich bottom range of notes and a bright tone at the top of it's register.

Suzuki Chord Bass BCH-48

The BCH Chord Bass is Suzuki's latest and exciting addition to their renowned Ensemble range.

Suzuki Pro Master Gold

Gold Plated Deluxe Harmonica

Suzuki Winner Harmonica

The Suzuki Winner tremolo harmonica comes in 16, 20 and 24 holes in the key of C.  These harmonicas are suitable for beginners, and have stainless

Suzuki Metal Major/Minor 5 hole harmonica

This mini 5 hole Suzuki harmonica is available in minor or major tunings.

Suzuki Fabulous FC-64C Chromatic

The Fabulous FC-64 is the pinnacle of Suzuki's superb chromatic range.

Suzuki Fabulous F-48S Chromatic series

The brand new Fabulous Chromatic represents the ultimate state of the art in harmonica design, whilst keeping the best aspects of traditio

Suzuki Sirius chromatic series

The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern, yet elegant design that will not fail to impress.

Suzuki Double Bass

The two Double Bass models from Suzuki are the SDB-29 and the SDB-39, which compliment the Chord models perfectly when group playing.

Suzuki Alto Single AS-37

The Alto Single is one octave lower than the soprano model, it also has thirty seven holes, with a range of C to C3, the notes are blow only.

Suzuki Soprano Single SS-37

The Soprano Single is part of Suzuki's Ensemble series, which is designed to play a sub melody or rhythm part and has thirty seven holes, which are

Suzuki ST-128 Chromatic Tremolo

Is it a tremolo or is it a chromatic? It's both!

Suzuki Pro Master set

This set of six Pro Masters contains the most popular six keys of A, Bb, C, D, F and G.

Suzuki Blues Master set

This set of six Suzuki Blues Masters contains the most popular six keys of A, Bb, C, D, F and G, all contained in a strong grey vinyl case with a p

Suzuki Folk Master Set

Have all the major keys at you finger tips with this set of Suzuki Folk Masters, from Ab to G. The Suzuki Folkmaster harmonica is easy to play.

Suzuki Humming Tremolo

At last!

Suzuki Two Timer Series

The Suzuki Two Timer Tremolo harmonicas have laser cut reeds to increase tuning accuracy, producing a well balanced tone across the whole range.

Suzuki Chord SCH-24 and SCH-48 Harmonicas

The Chord harmonica is an essential part of ensemble performance and Suzuki offer the most exclusive instruments of it's kind for your performance

Suzuki Baritone

The Baritone has twenty one holes, is an octave lower than a standard tuned tremolo and covers a range of C to C3, giving a rich, deep, mellow tone

Suzuki Gregoire Maret Chromatic

 The Gregoire Maret Signature G-48 Chromatic is a new high in workmanship and tone, from Suzuki.

Suzuki Gregoire Maret Chromatic

For players demanding a more mellower and darker tone, the Gregoire Maret G-48W, achieves this with the addition of solid tropical rosewood covers.

Suzuki Chromatix Series

The 12 hole Suzuki chromatic harmonica has a three octave range. The reeds are phosphor bronze, for purity of tone and longevity.

Suzuki Pipe Humming

The Suzuki Pipe Humming is a highly polished, nickel-plated harmonica which has a very innovative and original design.

Suzuki Fabulous

The Suzuki Fabulous represents the ultimate state of the art in harmonica design, whilst keeping the best aspects of tradition.

Suzuki Overdrive

The Suzuki Overdrive is the most radical new harmonica design in years.

Suzuki Pure Harp

The Suzuki Pure Harp is made of Rosewood which allows unique tonal qualites for harmonica construction.   The Rosewood comb & cover plates give

Suzuki Fire Breath

The Fire Breath, like the Pure Harp, benefits from a rosewood comb, which is less impervious to moisture than usual wooden combs and the reeds are

Suzuki Manji

The Suzuki Manji harmonica has been designed from scratch by Suzuki’s R&D department.

Suzuki Pro Master

The Suzuki Pro Master harmonica comes in valved and non valved version.  These are professional quality instruments, the polished stainless steel c

Hammond Harp

The Hammond Suzuki HA20 has a unique look, and bright sound.   This harmonica is finished with a black anodised comb, and enamelled cover plates wi

Suzuki Folk Master

The Suzuki Folk Master is a mid-priced harmonica.  It has a plastic moisture proof body with engraved cover plates.

Suzuki Harp Master

The Suzuki Harp Master is easy to play, it has a solid ABS comb and focused note holes.

Suzuki Blues Master MR-250

The Suzuki Blues Master is designed especially for blues players.  It has flush stainless steel cover plates, making it easy to handle.  The reeds


Other Instruments

Suzuki Melodion MX32C

The Suzuki Alto Melodion MX32C is an ideal instrument for beginners and children, as it requires little effort to operate.

Suzuki Melodion Bass 24

The Suzuki Bass 24 Melodion is ideal for accompanying other instrumentalists and offers a unique bass sound.

Suzuki Andes Melodion

Have you been enchanted by the hypnotic tones of the Peruvian pan pipes and tried to play them, only to be disappointed with the result?  Suzuki in

Suzuki Soprano Melodion S-32

The high quality construction of the Suzuki Soprano Melodion makes this the perfect choice for advanced students and professionals.

Suzuki Melodion M-32C

The Suzuki M-32C is a standard 32 note Melodion.  This robust melodion looks stunning with it's blue body casing, a

Suzuki Melodion M-37C

The Suzuki M-37C Melodion looks stunning with its black metal body, gold coloured edge trim and plastic black & white keys.

Suzuki Melodion MX-27

The Suzuki Melodion MX-27 is lightweight and finished in an attractive aqua colour.

Suzuki Melodion Pro 37 V2

The Suzuki Melodion Pro 37v2 is professional quality, finished with walnut effect end covers, brass brightwork, beautiful Ivory coloured keys with

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