Tombo, established in 1917, has been producing harmonicas for almost one hundred years. The quality and tone of these Japanese harmonicas is appreciated by players worldwide.


Tombo 8 Tremolo Case

This case by Tombo holds eight 21 hole sized tremolo harmonicas with a max length 6 3/4 inches or 170mm.

Tombo 12 Harp Case

Holds 12 diatonic harmonicas in a row.



Tombo Chromatic S50

The Tombo Chromatic harmonica S-50 is a slideless chromatic. It is designed with one tone per hole.

Tombo Premium 21 Tremolo

The Tombo company of Japan, established in 1917, has recently produced this new tremolo harmonica to it's range - the Premium 21.  This is currentl

Tombo Mini Harmonica with Chain

This mini 4 hole Tombo harmonica is on a neck chain and measures approx 35mm x 10mm (1.3 inch by 0.5 inch).

Tombo Band 21 Deluxe

The Tombo Band Deluxe is one of the finest Japanese tremolo harmonicas.

Tombo Band 24

The longer length Tombo Band 24 has double air channels containing 48 reeds set in a plastic comb, adding extra range to this bright sounding tremo

Tombo Band 21

The Tombo Band 21 has 42 reeds set on plates recessed into a plastic body, and the cover plates are of highly polished stainless steel.

Tombo Pocket Chord

The Tombo Pocket Chord will give group and ensemble players that extra depth to their music.

Tombo Pocket Bass

The Pocket Bass by Tombo has opened up a new playing dimension to group and ensemble players.

Tombo Folk Blues

The Folk Blues, by the Tombo company of Japan, makers of the Lee Oskar range, has recessed reed plates for added airtightness, a plastic comb and i

Tombo Ultimo

The Tombo Ultimo has a sleek modern style, and is great for the blues but also a must for the jazz and fusion player.

Tombo Aero Reed

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Tombo Folk Blues Mark II

The Folk Blues Mark II, reminicient of the Marine Band, is the latest addition from this high quality manufacturer, Tombo.

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