Turbo Harp



Special price £5.95 last few remaining.  The HarmoniGlo is designed to help you identify the key of your harmonica when playing on a dark stage.  I



Chrome Turbo Lid

Add some style to your playing!
This is the latest edition to the Turbo Harp lids. The Chrome Turbo Lid looks amazing.

Turbo Twenty harmonica

This is a very responsive harmonica suitable for all styles of playing, blues, jazz, folk, country and rock.  The unique, ergonomically designed ca

Designer Turbo Lids

Be the coolest dude in town and transform your Turbo Twenty harp into the latest designer look with these new Designer Turbo Lids.

Turbo Lid

Turbo Lid is designed to fit over the Turbo Twenty comb assembly and the body of a Hohner Special 20 where it replaces the cover plates.

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