Suzuki Andes Melodion
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Product Description: 

Have you been enchanted by the hypnotic tones of the Peruvian pan pipes and tried to play them, only to be disappointed with the result?  Suzuki in their genius, have answered your prayer and have solved the problem with their Andes Melodian, which sounds just like pan pipes!  Once again bring to life the elusive sound of the Andes!    

Andes 25F Specification:
Tonal range, f2~f4 25 keys; 1 standard mouthpiece (for sitting); one angled metal mouthpiece (for standing); delux neck Strap; Weight: 1.0Kg inc case; Dimension: 170mm x 470mm (inc case)

This unique Suzuki Musical Instrument looks like a Melodion but sounds like a Flute...or rather 25 flutes! As the name suggests the resulting tone is reminiscent of the Andes Pipes.

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